Textile and small household item recycling solutions

Additional Information

Our Goal

To develop comprehensive long term clothing and textile recycling

strategies that are easy to engage by the public and do not cost any

money to the hosting organization.

Full Service Clothing , Textile & Small Household

Item Recycling Solutions for:

Saving the Planet One Community at a Time

- Local Government

- Waste Management Agencies

- K-12, Colleges and Universities

- Churches, Fire Companies & Civic Organizations

- Businesses

- Sovereign US Tribes


Textile & Household Item Recycling

The recycle program   works  with  schools  and  their  campus  communities  to  create  recycling  and  diverting  goals,  and  to  provide  strategic  targeting  throughout  their  network  area.  By  adding  clothing  and  textile  recycling  receptacles  in  public  areas,  periodic  seasonal  clothing  fund  drives  will  provide  an  additional  revenue  source  to  support  and  assist  the  local,  tribal,  and  state-wide  recycling  education  efforts.  Many  local  governments  and  community  organizations  establish  spring  and  fall  cleanup  events  for  their  residents.      We  partner  with  local  officials  to  offer  recycling  opportunities  for  textiles  and  small  household  goods  during  these  events.  By  treating  or  making  used  materials  suitable  for  re-use,  waste  financial  problems  are  diminished      and  additional  sources  of  revenue  are  created  for  the  community.    We are  committed  to  enhancing  the  Native  American  community  development  by  working  with  existing  recycling  agencies,  supporting  communities  in  their  efforts  to  recycle  and  creating  jobs  for  local  area  residents.